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Angelo Balagtas' dialysis treatment and kidney transplant fund


In the words of my dear friend, Francesca:

Back in 2000 Angelo Balagtas was diagnosed with kidney disease. After receiving a kidney transplant 13 years ago, and many medical hardships later, Angelo has been once again diagnosed with this disease. He was put back on dialysis in October 2013 and is now on the waiting list for a new kidney. In March of 2014 my mom, the primary earner in our household, was laid off from her job, jeopardizing our medical insurance. Since my mom no longer receives our family’s health benefits, my goal is to raise the money that will pay for medical insurance. This insurance will graciously cover all my dad’s medical expenses involving his treatment and transplant, at least until my mom obtains viable employment with medical benefits. If you know my dad well, you know he’s one of the goofiest, happiest, and most positive people you’ll ever meet (as well as the best cook!) He truly is the greatest dad in the world, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything. Please support my dad; we honestly would not be able to do this without you.


Please help out my friend and their family through this hard time

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SEWN - Patrick Santos | 2014

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San Francisco landmarks, 2014


Sheet by Faber Franco on Flickr.


Sheet by Faber Franco on Flickr.